Self-Booking Tool for Corporate Travel Management

Corporate Self-Booking Tool for Seamless Travel Management

Get your corporate travel booking procedures done in a few clicks and monitor key travel metrics to control expenditure effectively. Do all this and more with our self-booking tool.


A Powerful Self-Booking Tool for New-Age Corporates

We proudly introduce our corporate self-booking tool (SBT) to help corporates simplify, accelerate and streamline their travel procedures through the power of automation. You can now eliminate the need to completely depend on intermediaries and still get the best travel rates.

Our SBT makes corporate traveling cost-effective in its complete sense. It optimizes your travel cost by letting you analyze and monitor key travel data, spending patterns, and policy compliance.

Oasis's self-booking tool is as efficient as it gets. Powered by cutting-edge technology and research, the SBT is fast, responsive, and extremely user-friendly.

Why Use our Corporate Self-Booking Tool : The Benefits


Easy and Fast

With a user-friendly UI navigating our tool is more than easy! You can now book your flight without any hassle. There will be minimal to no dependency on agents. This way you save a lot of your precious time.


Data-rich MIS Reports

Get consolidated MIS reports that will enable you to monitor and examine crucial data pertaining to travel. Analyze key metrics, spending patterns, travel expenditure, the extent of stays, and more to capture insights to identify areas that can save money.


Save Time and Money

Policy-compliant working, MIS reports, best rates along with a fast & user-friendly interface. Each of these aspects enables faster and cost-effective proceedings, helping your team save oodles of time and money.


Dedicated Travel Professional for Support

It will not be chatbots that assist you in case of inquiries or support. Chatbots take ages to respond and are pretty unreliable. We will assign corporate travel experts with 15+ years of industry experience to address your concerns and support you.


Ensures Policy Compliance

Our self-booking tool can be personalized to comply with your corporate travel policy. The tool will make sure that the travel procedures are policy-compliant. In case of any non-compliant booking, the tool notifies the employee and urges them to make a re-booking.

Simplify Travelling with the Efficiency of Oasis’s Corporate Self-Booking Tool


A self-booking tool (SBT) is a web-based solution that lets companies automate their corporate travel management procedures while controlling costs and saving time.

Here are the benefits of using a self-booking tool

  • Simple and fast
  • No third-party help required
  • Streamlines travel procedures
  • Controls costs with the help of MIS reports