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Seamless Passport & Visa Application Services

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4 different passports are issued in India, namely:

  1. Blue Passport ( Type P): Issued for the general population of India
  2. White Passport: Issued for Indian Government Officials traveling abroad.
  3. Diplomatic Passport: Issued for Senior government officials and diplomats who represent India in foreign countries.
  4. Orange Passport - Issued for people who are not qualified beyond Class 10.

While a passport is a travel document issued by a country for the purpose of proving the holder's (citizen's ) identity, a visa is a document issued by a foreign government that allows you to leave your home country to travel and stay in their country.

There are two main categories of visas which are immigrant and non-immigrant visas.

Immigrant visas enable you to become a citizen of that country while non-immigrant is for short-term visits only.

These 2 categories can be further subdivided into 4 categories namely tourist visas, immigration, and naturalization visas, student visas and business/work visas.