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Our highly experienced air ticketing team will talk to you and understand your exact requirements. You can state any specifications or concerns and we assure to take care of each of them.



Now that we know what is it exactly your employee is looking for, our team immediately gets to work. We research the best options for you and present an initial proposal. We will not move to further processes until you are happy with the proposal.



Once you give us your nod, we will take care of the rest. From finding you the best seats on the plane to grabbing you the most budget-friendly deal, Oasis Tours India makes sure that all you have to do is lay back and rest.

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Want to know more?

Give us a ring and connect with our air ticket booking agent to move things forward and get a quote.

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More than what meets the eye

Flight services are more elaborate and interesting than what we come to know about. We all know that there are different classes of flight tickets available according to the services and facilities available in each. But what makes them special? Read on so that you can make an informed decision on which one to choose.

Different Classes of Flight Tickets

Now don't get intimidated by the word premium, because the best thing about the premium economy is that you can avail of all the services that come with a premium class, at an affordable price. You can consider them as an upgrade to the normal economy class. The seats are much wider and more comfortable and you also get ample complimentary benefits such as sleeping aids and toiletries. A better entertainment system and special baggage allowance are some additional benefits.

If you are someone who wants to have their long flight journey comfortable as possible then a business class might be the best choice for you. From having access to world-class lounges at International airports to in-flight remarkable services, this class could be your best choice. There is priority check-in available when you go for a business class ticket. You might also get your very own pod and a flatbed if the travel may get longer than expected.

The word speaks for itself when it comes to first class! You get the top-notch flight experience with loads of privacy and additional perks when it comes to the first class section. Individual seats and ample leg space are some of the benefits you get while choosing to fly in first class. Along with this, you get tons of complementary stuff and exceptional treatment even before the flight takes off!

Air Ticket Booking Agents

What make us unique in the air ticket booking industry

Oasis Tours India is one of the premium corporate travel agencies in India with exemplary air ticketing services. With over 33 years of experience in the field, we know the industry inside out. We have the proper knowledge on the best timings to book a flight, the right way to close deals with a supplier, and the most suitable time to visit a destination. Oasis Tours India is an IATA-certified agency with a team of air ticketing agents who have over 15 years of experience in the industry. Our team has equipped them with the apt skillset to guide you in the process of your travel. We can provide customized services to our clients at an economical price range because of the years of experience we have in the field and the level of importance we place on customer satisfaction.

Why choose oasis for your air ticket booking needs

Due to a myriad of options, choosing the right air ticket booking agency might seem overwhelming. This is why you ought to choose a travel agency that offers experience along with expertise. With over 33 years of industry experience and a professional team with 15+ years of expertise, Oasis Tours offers excellent tour assistance to corporate clients.


Every corporate's travel requirement is different. Be it bulk booking for incentive travel or a single booking for business travel, we offer tailor-made services as per your needs to offer a seamless experience. We also provide in-depth and comprehensive reporting backed by thorough research. Hence, you get an overview of all services and compare it with your company policies and goals.


Air travel can be quite stressful for most. It is mainly because of all the hassle that comes along with booking flights at the right time so that the prices are not over the budget. Once you trust us with the process, we at Oasis Tours India make sure that you have absolutely nothing to worry about other than reaching the airport on time!


Each of our travel representatives has 15+ years of industry experience, which makes us the absolute experts when it comes to all things flight related. There is a right time to book a flight and visit destinations. Over the years, we’ve accumulated enough knowledge and skill to make sure that your company gets the best of everything.


Corporate travel is no child’s play. We know things can get moved up or delayed, affecting the whole program. To facilitate seamless programs, be it for incentive or leisure travel, we offer you provisions like round-the-clock personnel support, office implants to work alongside you and customized services as per your request. You just need to name it!

Avail of Economical and Efficient Air ticketing Services


Travel agencies use Global Distribution System or GDS software to facilitate the automation of air ticketing process. Popular GDS backed ticketing software include Amadeus, Galileo etc.

Traditionally air tickets are issues as per three travel classes namely,First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class. However, you might find additional classes like Premium Economy depending on the airline.

While online ticketing is a viable option for booking air tickets, availing air ticket booking services from an agency is the best option for corporate travellers. The reason is that agencies have a strong network of connections and therefore will have exclusive access to the best deals on air tickets, hotel bookings and event planning. Your organization gets efficient, smooth and quality services at the best rates.